Because you deserve so much more than just a photographer...


You deserve a photographer that shares your vision.


You deserve a photographer that's passionate about your story. 


Photography isn't about the photographer, it's about the subject: you
Your connection.
Your love.
Your tears.
Your promises. 
Your hugs.

Your kisses.

Your family.

Your friends.

Your keepsakes.

Your joy.

Your dance moves. 

It's all about YOU. 

Your story is exactly that: yours. As a photographer, my goal is to simply utilize my experience and knowledge behind the camera to share your story through the use of rich colors, creative angles, candid moments, and natural poses.

Ready to focus on your day?

Because It's All About You.


You deserve a photographer with a plan.

Beyond The Photography  

You deserve a photographer with a plan, so let my experience be your guide!

You will have my expertise and connections at your fingertips throughout your wedding planning process. 
My goal is to make your photography experience stress-free, efficient, and memorable.


Not sure about how to organize your wedding day timeline for the best photos?
I’m here to help.

Trying to find an engagement session location that matches your personality?
I have an ever-growing list.

Worried about efficient communication?
I answer every email like I’m the one waiting on the other end.

Concerned about posing?
Don’t be! That’s the fun part of us working together.

Stressed at the thought of organizing large family photos on your big day?
Don’t give it another thought, that’s my job.

Need help finding other great vendors?
I have resources for that, too!

Worried about your wedding photos due to bad weather?
No need to stress. I come fully prepared to create beautiful images regardless of what Mother Nature has planned. 

You see, photographing your big day is only a fraction of what I plan to do for you. I’m here, I’m on your team, and I’m ready to guide you every step of the way.



Have a question?

Beyond Your


"Anna is the best! Enough said!!!! She was quick to respond and very patient when you ask her questions. She is so organized it was a huge relief to know that she kept all of us on track while still getting everything we wanted and needed. The photos are amazing (I've never looked so good)-the quality is superb! I really couldn't have asked for a better photographer."


You deserve a photographer that you can rely on.



Custom Packages Simplified 

You deserve options without any of the hassle. 

Each package includes your choice of an engagement session, heirloom wedding album, or professional quality canvas.

8 Hour Packages starting at $2,500

All Day Packages starting at $3,000

Ready to choose your custom package?

You deserve a photographer that values you.


I would love to chat with you!

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You deserve a photographer that's there for you.

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I'm so excited that you found me! I am Anna of Anna Alexander Photography. I could take time to tell you every typical detail about myself, like how I have a job I love, that I have two amazing kids, and an incredibly supportive husband, but I won't. Instead, I will simply share a list of 6 random facts about myself that may help you grasp who I am.

  1.  I'm incapable of doing anything halfway. I always give 100%. 

  2. I wasn't one to play house as a child. Instead, I played office and would write a steady stream of memos and invoices for anyone who came through our front door. 

  3. I got a briefcase for my 12th birthday and my very own coffee maker for my 13th.

  4. I love being able to exemplify hard-work, passion, and drive to my children through my business.

  5. I am the youngest of eight children. I have six older brothers and one older sister, so organizing large groups for photos is nothing to new me. 

  6. I love lists. The more bullet points the better! I get so much joy from creating a well organized list.

Hi there! 

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